Christopher Sullivan’s photography explores the urgent and vital aspects of the natural environment as an expression of the intensity of human emotion.   Using the Canadian landscape as an illustrative tool, Sullivan’s clean shots are intended to both stand on their own and invite reflection on the (in)elegance of the spirit in the midst of a life lived.  Themes of love, strength, and humour are punctuated by melancholy, and draw inspiration from the work of Roland Barthes, James Balog and Virginia Woolf.

Sullivan was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His career in photography began on Canada’s west coast, as an extension of journalism studies in Victoria, British Columbia.    Sullivan also holds a degree in social work, and for the last nine years has led programs using wilderness education to help transition young adults out of the child welfare system and into society.

Early work documented social protest movements of the millennial years, but has gradually shifted towards a humanistic emphasis on the environment.  Sullivan has explored large portions of Canada by canoe, hiking boots, skiis, and snowshoes, and these activities have created a lasting impression on his work.

Chris is based in Calgary, Alberta.